We are happy to announce you a new update bringing new features to the server!

New update on Nephya

Hello everyone!

First, we hope that everyone is in good health and staying home, please stay safe in this difficult period.

We want also to thank the players that work everyday in this difficult period, whether it’s in the field of health, or police etc. Thank you for protecting the people.

Without further ado, here are the new features!

  • PVP content:

Addition of new kolizéum leagues

We already spoke about this on a recent article, the new kolizeum leagues are coming in this new update.

Here are the new additions:

Kolizeum success 1v1

Kolizeum success 3v3

Addition of a new kolizeum season system

In order to give a new life to the kolizeum mode, we are setting up a new system of season that will reset every 2 months. The top players of each month will receive these rewards:

Exclusive class ornament

A new title: Champion Kolizeum 1v1/3v3

1000 ogrines


We also added the new gladiator shield on the PNJ “Récompense des gladiateurs”

  • PVM content:


Add of the companions

The companions will arrive on Arkalys! You will be able to get some of them through the success or in the boutique at the price of 200 ogrines.


New fixes

  • Transition of the DB on a new more performant one, to smoothen the game.

  • Fix of the spell “Épidemie”

  • Improvement of the IA performances in case of an overload of combats in the same zone

  • Transition of the vote popup to 1h30 to take into account SP.net


  • Other additions


Addition of a exclusive new item: The Bulbijevant


Addition of a new automatic system for events

In order to overcome the lack of events on the server, since the staff can’t be online all day, we will implement a new automatic system for event. For now, we have 2 different events in place, and we will let you discover them in game!

We will of course add more events in the future.

Redesign of the event PNJ

Since we will have events everyday on the server, we changed the rewards on the event PNJ.

Addition of new houses

The safes in the houses will now be available for the players and its guild members.

Top voters

This has been requested a long time ago, it is finally happening, the top 3 voters of the month will receive theses awards:

1st :

  • Exclusive ornament

  • Title : “Top votant de Nephya”

  • 1000 ogrines

2nd :

  • Title : “Second top votant de Nephya”

  • 750 ogrines

3rd :

  • 500 ogrines


Update on the XP formula in the “Songes infinies”

You probably noticed it, the “Songes infinies” are an (too) easy way to level up quickly, and it is become problematic in the community, a character that took weeks to level up, is leveled up in hours. We decided to use the same XP formula of the 2.54 version on the official servers.

Have fun on Nephya,

Nephya Staff

Commentaires (10)
anthony 22 March 2020 à 20h11
romain 22 March 2020 à 20h12
Vraiment merci pour le nerf d'xp sur les songes, c'était vraiment devenue débile les gens qui te font up du 1 a 200 en 10 minutes, je veux bien que ce sois un serveur privée mais il faut quand même pas déconner :D
lucas 22 March 2020 à 20h53
MAJ dispo quand ?
TEdd 22 March 2020 à 20h54
on peut se connecter la ???
youssef 22 March 2020 à 21h21
ca marche pas
Kenzo 22 March 2020 à 21h22
La connexion est de nouveau possible oui, bon jeu à tous :)
emerson 26 March 2020 à 18h19
como posso acessar os sonhos infinitos?
guigui 27 March 2020 à 13h26
Ducoup ça à laisser le temp au autre de bien grimper au ladder, et les autre, niquer... cool.
nestoreduardo 11 April 2020 à 02h51
alguien me diria por que me salen errores ala hora de instalar el game
zack 5 May 2020 à 06h04
brojola diroh f 10 mai